Business Ideas for Senior Citizens in India

  • By Sushmita
  • April 3, 2019
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Retirement is the age when most of the seniors tend to sit at home just chilling after their busy constant working years. But not many of them can sit idle being complete jobless. They often tend to start a new business in that age or invest in some partnerships.

It is always good to keep yourself busy, especially when you think you can’t be idle for long which in turn only distracts you from multiple thoughts.

So, here are few business ideas to kick start for senior citizens in India that are not completely intended to make money but to enjoy working at that age without much of stress

  1. Book writing
    Yes, pen down some interesting stories or involve your mind to cook up some nice fictional stuff. Turn on your creative side of the brain and start writing something out of the box. Get that printed and sell your book. This not only keeps you busy but will buy an identity for yourself in the market. Publishing a book is easy, but penning down something interesting is the actual task one must not forget about. Don’t let yourself run out of ideas, think creatively and don’t just quit because of lack of ideas. Talk to people of your age grab in some nice interesting ideas and thoughts. Travel alone, that will help tickle your brain to think something imaginative.
  2. Real estate developer
    If you are a person who wishes to involve in some construction business then this is the right time to try out your skills on this platform. You can be your own boss when you are working on this platform. If you are a person who is tired of working under someone then this is something that interests you. Real estate developers are entrepreneurs who obtain land and start everything from scratch and handover completely developed residential or commercial.
  3. Online Selling
    One can also try selling products or goods online by using the social media platform. It is not just for time pass but also one can get an opportunity to learn how things happen over social media platform. This helps one to grow their business not just with a certain radius but throughout the country and world too. As there are billions of people on the social media platform, so what more is a better place to reach when everyone is on one platform.
  4. In-Home Care (Non-Medical) Services
    Personal care services that include dietary guidance, grooming, hygiene, etc. come under in-home care services. Either you can make your home comfortable for the visitors or customers to come in or you can provide the services by reaching on to their door-steps. If you are someone who came from these kinds of background work, then you don’t have to sit idle after retirement. Make some contacts and have few regular customers and that’s all to keep yourself busy. And sometimes these services can be managed even through just a few calls. Sometimes it’s just the assistance that’s needed.
  5. Tutor Kids
    Yes, this is the best job to opt after retirement. What is more fun than to be with kids and re-live your old days? Apart from just edifying kids, you get to spend time with such tender minds and in-turn learn a lot from the current generation. It is always refreshing when you interact with people who are of lot more age gap than of yours. You can either be a home tutor for kids or open a roof for students to come over you to learn. It is often not easy to find the right tutor these days, so modify yourself to be the right one for today’s kids and enjoy imparting skills and studying with them.
  6. Sell Home Made Foods
    If you are an expert with cooking and have the capacity to cook in large amount then just relax because you have found a job. Start off with something basic but choose the right items that help you catch more stomachs. It’s more like a small scare industry work that involves cooking, packing and selling. This will help your mind to stay active by involving yourself in cooking that is doing something that you love and earning by doing what you love is amazing. You will have a huge demand in the market if once your taste is identified. And also remember the world these days is more about organic stuff so do check on these organic cooking methods too.
  7. Data Entry
    This job is forever available in the market. All you need is just get associated with the management and provide them the content that you have to document over a soft copy. You are paid by the amount of information that is entered in electronic formats by using certain data entry formats. These jobs are easy to be found and the best part about these jobs is you don’t need to have any experience. All you need is just a laptop or a system to type and send the information in a documented way. So, you can work from anywhere and any time of the day.
  8. Florist
    Be a florist. Design and create something new and attractive with the beauty of flowers. This job creates a work environment that is full of creativity, cheerfulness and spreads some fresh fragrance. What more one can expect at that age? Isn’t this an amazing idea to start-off? Sometimes these florists get to decorate the entire room and locations for events, so they are actually the mood setters for the people by the work they put in
  9. Soap Making
    It’s fun to try your hands on this soap making process. Try out different fragrance, colors, and shapes. Browse out few interesting recipes and bring out something new. People are more attracted to natural and organic making these days. So, it will be a huge hit if made right.
  10. Garden Maintenance
    You can turn into an expert professional in garden maintenance. Understand the methods of maintaining a garden and you should know what kind of trees to select depending on the climatic conditions that you stay at. There are many things to master in garden maintenance like staking, mulching, watering right, lawn mowing, hedge cutting etc. Every plant has different methods to be handled. And these jobs are on demand and you can easily earn quite bucks by opting this profession. More on if you are a person who loves this gardening job than just go ahead.
  11. Candle Business
    Even in this 21st century where LED lights are full in the markets, candles haven’t lost its importance. Everyone at some point of time will definitely buy candles. So, what is more beautiful to create a huge set of some creative shapes in candles? There are different types of candles making processes available, so choose the one that is comfortable to your age and try that on. And choose a right time to sell your work in the market like in any festive period.
  12. Store
    Check if there are any jobs available in the stores where it doesn’t involve much of your energy but helps in killing time. There are quite a few job openings available that just involve some monitoring and assistance work. These jobs are forever available in the market. As long as the malls keep coming in, there is availability of these jobs always. Manager jobs are good when it comes to pay wise as well.
  13. Book Stall
    Own a small shop for yourself. And fill it up with all the stationary stuff. Try to pick up this shop that is near to any school so that you get many young customers on your daily basis. This kind of job doesn’t involve much of hard work. There is more than enough kind of entertainment too by choosing to set up a book stall. Include some interesting story books for kids, these attract them and make them glued to your shop. Another tip is you can even provide a facility of renting books. This will have you more customers.
  14. Curry Point
    Come up with a small stall on a busy road, May your work speak through the smell and the dishes you make. Even though there are numerous curry points available at every street, you can still make a name for yourself and have some profits by selling food that is reasonable and scrumptious at the same time. Also remember another tip, despite there are many curry point centres available not many have enough customers that is because not many stick to a proper hygiene and quality.
    Make your food feel like home, as there are many bachelors who miss home food and they definitely wouldn’t mind coming to your stall everyday if they like the food that you make.
  15. Property Selling Agent and LIC Agent
    You can also register yourself as an agent for LIC or property selling. People approach you and you have to deal with them by your marketing skills. Understand the negotiations done by people and make yourself aware of these tactics in order to be on profits. Also, know about the benefits of becoming an LIC agent before registering as one.
  16. Paper plates and Paper bags
    If you want to do something to the nation, like giving back something in a proper way then this is the perfect choice. You get to teach the concept of re-use in a right way to the people. Pick up some old newspapers and few waste papers start modifying them in the form of paper bags and paper plates.
    Once you are done with making these pack them up and try to sell with the stores that are nearest to you or you can sell them by your own. By putting in some creative thoughts you can make some impressive paper bags that are tough for the customers to say no from buying them.
  17. Baby day care centre
    Open a day care centre in your area. Living in this busy world where both the parents get to work for straight 9-12 hours a day it has become very difficult for mothers who can’t leave their kids at home or can’t take them along to work. Having a day care for these kinds of kids is something that is helpful to busy mothers. And who doesn’t wish that their kids need to be taught some nice morals right from the young age? Isn’t it bliss for these busy parents to leave their kids with people of their own parent’s age who can teach their kids proper discipline and manners?
  18. Internet Centre
    Even though internet is just a click away in the smart phones there are still few internet cafes that are to the rescue in most of the places. Keeping aside cities, there are still many villages and remote areas where people get access to internet just through these cafes. Do consider few safety measures while setting up a centre for internet.
  19. Dairy Farm
    This is one of the options if you are already into such before or if you already have the basic establishments like buffaloes, shed and etc. Else starting of a dairy farm business from scratch is something that lot of money and capital. It needs careful planning sessions and some basic knowledge in it before trying this business. But, once you understand everything in it, this is the easiest to work and make money too.
  20. Ice Cream Parlour and Food Mess
    Owning a food mess or an ice cream parlour never goes out of fashion especially among elders. Because these doesn’t involve much risk and if your eatery has some nice build ambience that attracts the youngsters then you are forever busy. Create some interesting menu and appoint the expert making people in the kitchen to bring out something out of the box. It doesn’t even involve much of investments and once you are a hit in the market you get to make huge profits.

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