Company history

With the support of a dedicated team and delighted clients, Pasham Technologies achieved great business heights in just two years

  1. 2012
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    Got a business idea

    We planted a seed to our dreams; we knew it would be a large harvest. The date is special for us not just because it marks the birth of Pasham Technologies, but it is a date that reinforces our belief that in every seed, there are roots, branches, trunk, leaves, and fruits!

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    Completed 20 projects

    The seedling spurted out from the soil and stretched out tiny leaves. It is a great day for us. We completed 20 projects and registered our company. Pasham Technologies mark another milestone. This is the beginning of a journey that will have many more in the coming years!

  4. 2014
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    Moved to a bigger office space

    Bigger plants need a bigger space. As we scaled up the business, there was a need for correspondingly scaled up office space. With an intention of service our clients better, we moved to a bigger, brighter, and superior office. The little plant is transforming gradually into a humungous tree!

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