How Google Voice Search will impact and affect SEO

  • By Sushmita
  • April 3, 2019
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Do you know what a SEO stands for and its purpose? Okay, even if you know let’s just give a glimpse on it first to understand the main concept of how voice search is having an impact and affecting SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. On a briefer note, it helps in the process of improving your online content so that a search engine shows the best results for searches of certain keywords.

And if you want your article to have more readers, then you must know the magic of SEO to work on with your article. Because that is how Google includes your post as one of the top results whenever anyone search for a topic with a specific keyword.

Almost around 75 per cent of the searches are done via Google. Every time you need to know something it’s always Google that hits first on our mind. And the first few links like the first 5 or so have maximum views or approximately 67 per cent higher than other links. And the trick is all simple, if your article has to be on the first few links, it’s by the smart way of using SEO magic. So, knowing how search even works is very important in order to stand first in the world full of information.

And now with the evolvement of voice search method, grabbing of information has turned much easier for people. With gadgets turning user friendly, there are more number of people hitting on them. No matter if one knows using a gadget or not, things are made easier for such people by this voice search method. Perfect examples of these voice searches that do all the needful for a person who is new to a gadget are Siri, Google Now, etc.

When it comes to the matter of accuracy for results, it is always going to be the voice search method. Even though this search method works on guesswork, the inputs it takes about few particular keywords does all the work of searching and providing the right links of information unlike that of text-based search which ends up providing numerous links of information in which half of them are unrelated links. User gets the most relevant response in the reply to the query by voice search method.

And this voice search method will have a huge impact on the SEO. According to few researchers, Voice searches are likely to contribute at least half of all searches by 2020. It is therefore a huge step coming ahead and it is time for the website or blog developers to come up and adapt to this seismic shift.

Programming behind voice searches are getting more refined since a past few years, word error rates have reduced to less than 8 per cent now. It’s getting much better at picking up our speech.

So, here are few ways that Voice search is going to alter the future of SEO

  1. Natural speech does the searching easier. Like even the conversational voice content does the work of searching the right content for you. There isn’t any specific style or method to get the information while using voice search method.
  2. By using the proper keywords while voice search, it helps in further refining of the existing content available. Not always does the short keyword speech do the work, sometimes even the long speech with proper usage of keywords help in better search of the query.
  3. It is going to have a huge impact on the digital world. Mobile queries will grow, and the usage of mobile grows. Everything turns interlinked and ultimately the digital world makes a mark in the market. This way, when someone asks their smartphone a question related to your content, your web page will pop up to the top of the list.
  4. Location plays a role in 80 per cent of all searches and voice searches are even more location-focused than text queries. So setting up your site correctly for local search is crucial, especially if you are running a local business.

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