How to build an SEO friendly website?

  • By Sushmita
  • April 3, 2019
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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a volatile industry because every year Google alters the algorithm. It is because Google wants to make the process as stringent as possible. Also, it wants to check the sneakiest possibility of a fraudulent attempt.

It is needless to say that even if you hire the Best SEO Company in Hyderabad; it has to be always on the toes to keep the website SEO friendly. Experts say that it is essential to remain updated about the latest Google updates to build SEO friendly website.

Whether you develop a new website or alter the web pages to maintain SEO ranking, knowledge of the latest concepts is mandatory. Here are some tips to make a website that is SEO friendly.

Keep the navigation as simple as possible

When you want high SEO ranking, navigation has to be descriptive and simple; not only for crawlers but users as well. The best idea is to put it on the top of the page. There is a master tip; put the navigation buttons at the top also. The top and the bottom positions are considered the best eye tracking positions. Both users and crawlers find it right.

Use of keyword at different locations

Nobody can deny the importance of keywords in designing an SEO friendly website. When you hire a Professional SEO Consultant in Hyderabad, the SEO experts dig out the most appropriate keywords for you. However, does it mean you should stuff the content with keywords disproportionately? No, it isn’t a good idea at all.

You should always remember that search engines like Google get irritated by keyword stuffing. In fact, the latest algorithm of Google downgrades the website if irrational stuffing of keyword is found. Make use of LSI keywords, in a smart way by putting them in the title of image ATL tag. Or you can put it in Meta tags, URL, heading tag or footer link, and description.

Don’t forget to make the URL SEO friendly

When you want a website that is perfect SEO friendly, you should take care of everything; including the URL structure. Every page of the website should have SEO friendly URL (for users and search engine both). It helps in detecting your website quite fast, which is the whole intention of SEO. When you hire a Professional SEO Services Company in Hyderabad, it makes the URL SEO friendly.

Make the apt use of Social Media

Though many web masters make use of social media in establishing the search engine ranking, many experts still ignore it. Social media doesn’t impact the search engine ranking directly, but it certainly contributes to it significantly. Hence, it can’t be ignored.

When the website contains valuable, meaningful and great content, users like it and they share the same on social media. Thus, more people become aware of it; and it reaches to further audience. It is a chain reaction that brings a lot of visibility to your website. Ultimately, the search engine gives it a high priority when users search with relevant keywords.

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