Mompreneurs: The perfect multi-taskers

  • By Sushmita
  • April 3, 2019
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Before, entrepreneurship was only a man’s play. And it was not something women were encouraged to or women where thought off trying their step. But now, women are outshining over men. There isn’t a single field that is untouched by women, their role isn’t going unnoticed. Their role and efficiency is understood now.

So, gone are the days when women get ready only for the family parties, they now also get ready for business gatherings by taking huge risks on their heels and flying out successful.

There are nearly 6 million formal, female-owned small businesses operating in East Asia and economies like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia are booming with female-owned businesses. And when it comes to our country, there are few states like Assam where the business is only run by women. Men play their tourist business roles like driving and such and women are on the business chairs dealing with the market. Assam is just one of many examples picked up, but in the reality there are many such places and businesses that work on women rules and powers.

Women are doing multi-tasking, especially mother’s. They are doing their toughest jobs than any in the world. Managing family and work simultaneously isn’t a cake walk at all. And when it is also a baby in their busy schedule they are even busier all the day.

Be it in ecommerce, education, investing, travel, fashion, retail, fitness, hiring, and anything and everything under the sun, woman are proceeding with gumption and unbridled enthusiasm to change the world around them, make a difference with their ideas, seek solutions that have never been sought, fight diseases and social norms, run successful ventures and generate employment for many, and give rise to new sustainable ecosystems. Each of them is scripting their own success story in today’s new age world to make a name for them.

Managing work-life balance is like walking on the edge for women entrepreneurs. Too many people still don’t take professional women seriously. And it’s ridiculous. As of 2015, there are more than 9.4 million businesses owned by women that employ close to 8 million people. Women make up 58.6% of the workforce in the U.S. Yet there are many who just don’t take women seriously in the professional world.

And when the family isn’t supportive for a woman, it is even tougher on her mind to lead a path of success. Now there are many leading brands in the market that are started by women. There is a saying that women’s mind is way faster than a men’s mind. They are emotionally and mental stronger than men. And so is the reason many are able to be successful in multi-tasking.

Women tend to overextend themselves. They want to please everyone. They want to remain in control. They take on too many roles. And all that does is lead to burnout, which can really cost them in the long run. If one wants to build their concept into a success than they need to learn how to delegate. They should need to learn how to say “no.” They need to prioritize and manage their time well.

Most of the women fear failure. Even from a young age, women are not taught to be confident the way that men are. That lack of confidence means that they tend to give in to their fears of failure and can often let it cripple them. One study even indicates that it is the top factor holding female entrepreneurs back from taking the plunge. While fear of failure is customary and quite real, it doesn’t have to be paralyzing. Failure is inevitable in the journey to success, so it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can be and often should be a learning experience. Learn to know when you’re feeling uncertain due to your fear of disappointment. One should make sure to acknowledge it and work through it before letting it dictate the decisions you’re making for your company. And realize that even if you do fail, you’re competent and strong enough to handle the failure and move on.

Women definitely face unique challenges in starting their own business ventures, but it’s nothing that can’t be overcome, and it shouldn’t hold them back.

“Mompreneurs” have double tasks to their businesses and to their families, and finding ways to devote time to both is key to truly achieving that elusive work-life balance.

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