The Importance of Keywords in Search Engine Optimization

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  • April 3, 2019
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Ever wondered how you get so many different pages of answers when you ask something on Google, and how they are organised on different pages. That is the work of an SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. On a briefer note, it helps in the process of improving your online content so that a search engine shows the best results for searches of certain keywords.

And if you want your article to have more readers, then you must know the magic of SEO to work on with your article. Because that is how Google includes your post as one of the top results whenever anyone search for a topic with a specific keyword.

SEO is the one that helps people to find what they want, let it be any kind of information this helps people find products easy too. So what is the role of an SEO specialist? They generally tend to develop and make this searching process easier for people i.e. in better words- they tend to improvise your search and results.

Their primary goal is to increase web traffic by the usage of right keywords and keyword topics as this improve the experience of a user and also meet search engine guidelines.

So, in order to reach your target audience its time that SEO should be your primitive tool to create a brand name to give you an identity in the market and achieve your goals. There are many SEO trends, but concentrate on the ones that really matter for your business. As we are living in a rapidly shifting world, so the hacks that have won you in front page results earlier doesn’t have anything to do with your growth now also there are chances that it can damage your website ranking too.

If you are someone who has no idea about advancing your webpage, then check on Professional SEO Consultants in Hyderabad who are mushrooming up every now and then these days. They can be of great help to advance you web page and help you get more views that is directly proportional to your business growth in the market. Also, remember that SEO tricks and magic aren’t constant. The one that is ruling today might not even exist tomorrow. Stay updated to the SEO trends that keep changing quite very often. When you hold on to consultants for help they will help you with these changing SEO trends as they keep up with the trends and happenings.

There are many people who do the same business as you and provide same products as you, it’s just the brand or the fame that helps one to outshine in the market. Gone are the days when one is stuck with traditional marketing strategies. Shift to new ways that help you bring traffic on your web page.

Today’s online success solution is the combination of social media marketing and content marketing. Marketing strategies have changed over the years even though the importance of marketing didn’t fade. It is just the style of marketing that has changed, so the current way of marketing is through social media this is also called digital marketing. Taking your marketing tips and strategies on digital platform is all it means. People are using social media platform for their success rate, obviously that is the best place as that is where we get to find most of the people no matter what horizon they are at. Business owners are moving from traditional marketing ways and started to adopt digital ones.

Online brand promotion is easy. Getting people to pay attention is difficult, and getting people to share and care is even harder. Promote your brand in a way so that users willingly share your content. Proper usage of info-graphic content, message oriented videos is a great way to market your brand and products. These platforms are a great source of generating direct traffic on your website. All the big business relies on them for getting traffic.

If you are someone who doesn’t have any idea about these digital marketing tactics, then check on people who can help you in the market as there are n-number of consulting centres and institutes to help you with them.

So here are few basic reasons for why keywords are important for SEO optimisation,

  1. They help your website to get listed in the search list

Yes, when a user opens search engine page like Google and searches for something by entering certain set of key words or phrases in the search space. Soon after that the engine displays the result with the list of websites and its related content that has the keywords which were entered. This is the way keyword optimisation works.

So how do the sites appear in the page, is there any order is what your doubt must be?

The answer is, the sites that are well organised by having the most relevant content get top ranking in the search result of those keywords. It’s up to the user to click on the webpage that he/she thinks is providing the most relevant content.

2. Understand the keyword types

People add different types of keywords in their content. Depending on the article and the content they generally decide which type of keywords should be used. We have short tail keywords and long tail keywords. Short tail keywords include maximum of three words but whereas long tail one used more than three words they can be phrases and sentences too. So these are the two types of keywords that are available.

3. Targeted keywords bring traffic on your page

Any word is referred to as keywords if it receives a significant amount of searches queries from the search engine in a month. So, once you know or understand the keywords that are mostly used then understand that half your work is done to bring traffic on your page. These keywords can be long tailed or short tailed ones. With the best SEO keywords, your chance of getting higher search ranking on the SERP becomes higher.

4. Keywords helps in ranking your website better

The keywords you choose helps in your website ranking. It is also called as keyword density which means the richness of content that included the number of keywords. Once you choose the keywords that define the subject of the page and help to derive the interest to your readers, then the search engine determines the topic you talking about on that particular page. When the search engine bots crawl & index your content, it will get understand from the keyword density that for which targeted keywords your page website should rank for.

So, make sure your content of the blog has the best keywords that in turn create better keyword density for better SEO.

5. Keywords targeting helps in increase of domain authority

The keywords targeting is so important to your website’s visibility & search ranking on the major search engines. Domain Authority (DA) of a website is a score given by Moz that shows how that website perform & rank on the search engine result pages (SERP). So, keyword targeting and domain authority are directly proportional to each other as they are interlinked.

Start using Google keyword research tool, such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner, for a list of common searches related to your phrases. Remember that short keywords are used by many of them and don’t conclude that they might be safe for your website. If you thought so, then you are wrong. Long tail keywords are playing the secret success mantra. These are making search place easy for the searchers by providing responsive web.

With passing days everything is turning advanced. Keyword search what it was earlier is no way a match to what it is now. It has evolved way too much with extraordinary features and its algorithm. For example when you search for institutes nearby previously it use to give out the results from all around the world, but now it takes access of your IP address and gives you a much sterilised information. Now if you ask the same question on Google it gives you the results displaying the institutes that are near to your location. The algorithm has advanced that it gives you the results based on once location.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning already changing the way search results are ranked. Machine learning also helps in query searching’s they are helping users find contextualised results. According to few researches there are many innovations to be grounded in this area. So, 2018 website owners can be alert in this AI and machine learning concepts too in order to sustain in the competition.

Just like how important oxygen is for human survival, the same way HummingBird algorithm is playing a vital role in searching survival. It is a Google search algorithm that is used to process search results across billion of pages and helps in pulling out the most valid and accurate information to the user depending on their query.

We also have Google keyword tool that ranks keywords by high, low and medium. Competition does not relate to the organic search results in Google but it’s related to no. of advertisers bidding for that keyword. Google indicates it as the ”high,” “medium,” and “low” in a graph. And it shows how competitive a keyword is. Generally, if the keyword has the high competition then advertiser has to bid higher and higher to win the high ad position. And hence the keyword CPC will be higher.

If the keywords have low competition i.e. fewer advertisers are bidding on those keywords, then you might just spend few cents to get the clicks for those keywords, depending on the search volume for that keyword as well.

Keywords also help in YouTube search results. While uploading a video over YouTube we generally give few words or hash tags or phrases, make sure that they are the proper ones chosen as can appear on the search engine easily.

Now-a-days keywords are also used in Google My Business pages too in order to improvise the business and make your business view-able every time a word appears on the search engine. So, a proper usage of keywords helps in profits of your own company.

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